Get Back Pain Class Video 1

Watch this video to learn lower back exercises to relieve your back pain!

  1. Do these low back exercises once or twice a day.
  2. Make sure to do them especially at night before going to bed – this can improve your sleep, and relax your muscles more, since you will be going to sleep right after.
  3. If doing these exercises causes pain...STOP and call me immediately at (828) 348-1780.

If you wish to know more on what is causing your low back pain, I can offer you a Discovery Exam for only $49.

  • Find out the root cause of your problem
  • Tips you can do
  • Revolutionary treatment for your low back pain.

Call me now to claim this offer, discover the cause of your pain and problem, and feel much better.  Call me at (828) 348-1780.

Watch your email for our 2nd video!  I will be giving out information on things you should NOT be doing, and what you SHOULD be doing for your low back pain.

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