Get Back Pain Class Video 2

Watch this video to learn the Do’s and Don’ts for lower back pain.


  • Sit up straight in chair or couch. Make sure both feet are flat on floor.  Use a foot stool, or stack books under your feet if your feet do not reach the floor.  Hips and knees have to be at a 90° angle if possible to avoid your lower back to arch.
  • While standing, place one foot up on a stool, or inside the cabinet, let’s say when you are brushing your teeth, cooking, or doing dishes.  Switch legs if needed.
  • Bend your knees when picking up something low (on floor or low surface).  This will surely help you prevent injury to your back.


  • Don’t bend from your back while standing, rather from your hips.  Our low back spine is only supported by muscles and ligaments.  Your poor back with wear out fast if you bend from the back all the time!
  • Don’t bend and twist!  Muscles, discs, and nerve are vulnerable in this position.
  • Avoid standing and sitting for long periods.  Standing can cause muscles to tighten especially if your lower back is already hurting.  Sitting for long periods causes increased pressure to the back.  Also when sitting, do not slouch.

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