About Us

Physio Physical Therapy

At Physio Physical Therapy and Wellness, our fun and energetic team is dedicated to creating and providing a comfortable and caring environment.

Our mission at Physio Physical Therapy is to transform lives. We want to empower our clients to become the best version of themselves possible. We do so by providing compassionate, personalized, and revolutionary treatments to each of our patients. We specialize in providing revolutionary treatment programs to get our patients better, faster.

If you are limited by pain, injury or weakness, we have custom physical therapy programs that we will design to work with you and your condition to give real results. With our commitment, expertise, and facilities we can restore the quality of life you desire, better and faster than any other physical therapy clinic in the Asheville, NC.

Physical therapy isn’t the same everywhere you go, and at Physio Physical Therapy and Wellness we make sure to accommodate to every patients’ individual needs. We are a locally owned and operated company. We treat each patients’ conditions and ailments differently, because they are all unique just the patient themselves.


Don't wait to live a pain free life!