Early Intervention

Addressing Concerns, giving resources and identifying needs for children and families.

Our program provides innovative individualized, developmentally appropriate activities and is responsive to the needs of each family and child. We concentrate on enhancing the child’s development through play based activities. In this program the parent or primary caregiver needs to participate.

Benefits of Our Occupational Therapy Program:

  • Improvement in physical and motor development
  • Improvement in cognitive development
  • Provide skills to family to address concerns, give resources and identify needs
  • Trans-disciplinary team

Be Wary Of…

The following symtpoms: limited interest in play, limited interest in learning, delays in cognitive development, delays in physical and motor development, delays in communication development, and adaptive delays (feeding).

Who is best for this program?

Infants to 36 months that have or are at risk for having developmental delays in cognition, physical, motor, social, emotional and communication.

Why Act Now?

Research indicates that early responsiveness to delays helps children make faster improvements. Get a completely individualized multi-sensory program for your little one based on their needs and yours. We have prompt scheduling and payment plan options.  Act now and receive a free screening, call now and mention this. Enroll early before classes fill up!

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