UnitedHealthCare (UHC) Accepted In-Network

UnitedHealthCare (UHC) Accepted In-Network at PHYSIO Physical Therapy and Wellness   Physio Physical Therapy and Wellness Asheville is proud to announce that we are (and have been) a preferred provider for UnitedHealthCare (UHC) Insurance.  We are one of the only Physical Therapy Providers in Asheville to offer services to those with UnitedHealthCare (UHC) Health Insurance.  UnitedHealthCare operates under OptumHealth.  Physio Physical Therapy and Wellness is an In-Network Provider for anyone with UnitedHealthCare that would like to use their insurance for Physical Therapy. Call today for more information or to

Physical Therapy in Weaverville

Physical Therapy In Weaverville Revolutionary pain relief treatments that work immediately are available only at Physio Physical Therapy and Wellness which proudly serves Weaverville, NC. You will love that it is gentle and very affordable, whether you have insurance or not. Physical Therapy in Weaverville is not the same at every clinic. The Physio team are caring, compassionate and they are the best at what they do. The programs being offered here

Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement

What is a Reverse Total shoulder Replacement (arthroplasty) (rTSA)? If you need to have a shoulder replacement, it is important to know the difference between a traditional shoulder replacement and a Reverse total shoulder replacement.  In a traditional approach, a plastic socket is inserted into the glenoid, and a metal “ball” is inserted into the top of the humerus or upper arm bone.  With the reverse method the ball and socket are switched, the plastic socket is inserted into the

Mobility Issues? We can help!

As we age our flexibility decreases and mobility issues begin to occur.  A very easy common solution is stretching.  It turns out that recently stretching has become a controversial issue.  Popular literature has begun talking about some of the drawbacks of static stretching (New York Times link).  Static stretching is “traditional stretching” when you hold a position at the end of a range of motion.  Recent academic literature questions if stretching prevents injury, decreases muscle soreness or improves muscle length.

suffering from headaches?

Headaches: What Pharmaceutical Companies Don’t Want You To Know

Almost 50% of people throughout the world suffer from headaches, and 15-20 % of those headaches come from the neck.  These headaches may be felt in the front or top of the head, behind the eye, the base of the neck, or even have a sinus feeling component.  People suffering from headaches stemming from the neck don’t always get relief from pain medications but thankfully there are drug-free conservative solutions that offer lasting relief. Signs Your Headaches May Be Coming From

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