“My experience at Physio has been wonderful!  I had colon re-section surgery in August, and afterwards, my body was out of alignment and my core was very weak. Lee was very helpful in giving me exercises to strengthen my whole body, which I have done every day. He was professional and also very personable. In only five weeks I feel like a new person and I think he is a real asset to your team. I would recommend Physio to anyone with physical problems.” – Suzanne Woodhouse

 “I was very pleased with the results following my time working with the entire staff and Physio. I had developed compartment syndrome following surgery on my leg and was referred to Physio in particular because they offer a unique procedure named “Astym.” As with anything that is worth doing, it takes time and huge results weren’t immediate but I did notice improvement after 4 or 5 sessions. It’s important to note that you, or rather the patient, needs to do their own work outside of therapy in the office to really see the results. You get out of it what you put in but without Chris and the rest of the staff at Physio, I’m fairly certain I’d still be suffering from lingering numbness while cycling. They have helped me get back on the bike and be just as good, if not better, than I was before. The thing I liked most besides the friendly staff?….probably the sock monkey on the wall.” – Evan Solida

 “Professional, dedicated and informative staff ready to help me with all my PT needs. My progress was their #1 goal and concern and they took it personally. From the front of the shop to the very back, every person greeted me and cared about my progress. I’ve had 3 joint replacements and have been to the “big boxes” and you don’t get that personalized attention from the bigger outfits.” – Victor Marshall

“I tried to take care of my pain at home with hold and cold packs and e-stim. I wasn’t able to get any relief after a week on my own. I found Physio from a Facebook post. I really hate going anywhere for stuff like this, but I enjoyed coming and am very happy to be done with the pain. Being a single mom, I don’t have time to deal with pain. I couldn’t early more before I came and now I am so much better. Everyone there was so pleasant to be around and I actually had fun coming instead of dreading it. Thank you all!” – Sabrina Ridenhour

“Chris and his staff did an excellent job in helping me recover from my back injury. After only 6 sessions to be completely healed – Truly amazing after being in pain for 6 weeks prior to treatment. Physio uses innovative and effective techniques to achieve Great Results! Thanks so much.” – Joe Mattera

“When I came to therapy for TMJ, I was unable to open my mouth enough to eat real food. Now I am back to eating nuts, apples, celery, raw carrots, potato salad and much more. Every one of you at Physio are kind, friendly and laugh – so I said I’d like to come and be the janitor.” – Grandma Mary S. Cook

 “Think once. Think Twice. Then think again if you feel physical therapy has to be painful. Not the case when you go to Physio Physical Therapy and Wellness. A group of very professional, dedicated and accommodating individuals. And what a pleasant experience. Yes, I said pleasant. I cannot say enough to describe my rehabilitation after having rotator cuff surgery. Chris Taylor, his wonderful therapists, and management are forever in my debt. The adage of, “No Pain, No Gain,” isn’t part of their regimen. Not at any time was I forced to exercise through any pain. I not only learned the correct was to perform my exercises, but also when you shouldn’t. Rachel, Brenda, Tabitha, Jodi, Nick and Brian make you feel like family. Even after having completed my therapy, they’ll remain my family of friends. Thank you! Thank you! You’re the best!” – Sandi Krecioch

“I was diagnosed with hip bursitis – the pain I felt each night made it difficult to sleep, which of course affected my waking life. I had two cortisone shots with mixed success before I arrived at Physio. Chris examined me and gave me his diagnosis – in plain, simple English. For the first time, I understood what was going on with my hip. He explained what he planned to do to treat me, and after months of pain, I started the road to a lasting recovery. Physical Therapy is not a quick fix, but it is a directed effort to relieve pain by adjusting and strengthening the body. It took about ten sessions for me to feel better consistently. I still do the exercises Chris and his staff taught me, and I sleep through the night, pain-free.  Thanks to Physio, I’m more productive during the day. It works!” – Mark Bloom

“Spent last 10 months in agony after a knee replacement. Immediately upon waking up after surgery I knew I had a problem. Developed severe sciatica in left side which month later showed up in right side also. No pain pills or electrical stimulation did anything to help. Finally, I heard about Physio through a friend. I began doing stretches and combined the last 2 week with prednisone from my primary doctor and my pain went completely away. I can’t say enough wonderful things about the entire Physio crew. They were with me 100%. If you do what you are told to do amazing things will happen. Thank you everyone at Physio for giving me my life back.” – Sally Slater

“Before coming to Physio, I had lost sight of what living life was about. I had injured my back three years prior and had gradually worsened to the point where I couldn’t function daily without extreme pain. I suffered with sciatica, piriformis syndrome, and diminished reflex. I had received chiropractic, massage, physical therapy and orthopedic treatments from other practices but nothing compared to the attention to detail, compassionate care and expertise given by Chris and the staff at Physio. Chris was always so patient, as I would have periods of increased activity only to decline once again. We soon discovered I had a pinched nerve and that I needed back surgery. I was so ready to get it over with so I could resume my normal, everyday activities I was walking around the block within 2 weeks and was completely released after 6 weeks from my surgeon. He couldn’t believe the recovery I had made! I attribute much of my post-op success to the excellent care I received from Chris, as he has been with me every step of the way. It has been 5 months since my surgery, and I continue to improve each day. I’ve started jumping rope again, which is one of my favorite exercises, and even participated in my first 5k post-op last week! Chris has truly taught me how to help myself through exercising and strength training. He has helped me get my life back, and for that I’m truly and forever grateful! I consider them my family…my Physio Family!  I would most definitely recommend Physio to anyone who suffers from pain, decreased range of motion or mobility. Who knew working out could be so much fun?” – Sandra Hughes

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