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Step by step procedure

Step by step procedure


Clinical Assistants/Aides PT/OT’s
Patient related tasks are defined as the following procedures; manual therapy, EMS, US, heat/ice.  Elective services, that are not part of their treatment program (non-insurance items as well) are not considered to be patient related tasks.

Laser, massage and exercise/fitness training are elective services offered within our facility and are typically do not fall under the “patient related tasks” definition.  In some cases, one of these services may fall under the patient related task category so make sure to speak with the therapist on duty.

NON-patient related tasks include instruction with self-help and home tasks, subjective data gathering, billing, chart management, clerical, and cleaning tasks.

When an aide is performing a patient related task a licensed physical therapist must be near by.  “Near by” is defined to be “in line of site”, within the facility, accessible and/or approachable.

Licensed physical therapists may supervise/oversee one non-licensed support staff (aide) performing patient related tasks at one time.  Multiple support staff/aides can be part of the care-rendering process (ie. tech, receptionist, office/biller, admin, ancillary staff, etc.), however, only one is allowed to perform “patient related tasks” at any one given time.


Entering Charges Posting Payment Appealing Denials
All staff are to participate in entering billing charges.  All billing charges should be entered by end of each day.  The admin asst is ultimately responsible for this task being completed. All reimbursement checks should be sent to corporate -and/or- copy of the check be made before check is deposited into bank. All staff are to participate in appealing denials.  See training outline.


Insurance Patient Attorneys
If an insurance company denies payment, send them one of these letters:

Worker’s comp



Addl letters:

Provider initiated complaint letter

Patient initiated complaint letter

We are required to make a good faith effort in collecting patient portions, balances, and monies owed for the cost of our services.  Our procedures are to:

1. Send an invoice

2. Send a collection letter

3. Send a 2nd collection letter

4. Notify “”

5. File a small claim with the county courthouse (if applicable).

Settlement calculation worksheet.

Medical records fee explanation


List of fees


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