Shoulder Pain

COVID-19: A Pain in the Neck (Tips for how to manage your headaches, neck, and shoulder pain.)

These are trying times for all of us, let’s face it. Even more challenging is the total lack of physical exercise that we are ALL suffering from. Personally, I went from exercising over an hour every day to being proud of myself for getting up and going to the fridge. What a change. Unfortunately, with increased sedentary lifestyle changes tends to come increased levels of pain. Of these increased pain, neck pain can be some of the most common and

Causes of Shoulder Pain and Popping

Have you ever wondered why you have shoulder popping?I often hear this question in my practice, “Why is my shoulder popping?” There are multiple¬†reasons for this common issue.¬† The shoulder is a complex and unstable joint.¬† It is comprised of bone, ligaments, cartilage, and tendons that allow for the ease of movement in so many different directions, but this is also why the shoulder is a commonly injured joint that results in shoulder pain.Why do I have shoulder pain and

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