About Physio Physical Therapy

Proudly serving Western North Carolina since 2013

At Physio Physical Therapy you will receive caring and compassionate care from the moment you walk in our doors, to the moment you leave us!

We believe that you should be the priority

Most people suffering from ongoing pain, injury, or weakness worry they’ll never feel like themselves again. At Physio Physical Therapy we identify the root cause of your pain by personally matching you to a physical therapist for a unique experience you’ll actually enjoy. That way you can return to the activities you’re passionate about, and return to your active lifestyle again.


How we achieve the greatest level of care

  • compassion


    We listen to your story. It's important to your recovery that you are heard. By understanding your story, we can pair you with a physical therapist who specializes in getting results for your specific issue.

  • knowledge


    Getting to the root cause of your issue is pivotal in your success. Our therapists will find out the root cause, and treat it. They also go a step further and set you up for success! They will explain how to prevent and manage symptoms, and also give you the tools to be independent.

  • determination


    You are the priority! And, we are determined to help you succeed. We don't have techs or aides that you will be passed off to. Your time with us will always be one-on-one with a therapist.


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Our award winning team provides you with the best care in the Asheville region.

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In 2013 we opened our doors in a tiny 1350 square foot space. We have now expanded into a space that is double the size so we have space to MOVE!


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We don't put focus on equipment. We believe that your body is your best asset in your recovery. While we aren't opposed to equipment, we believe it isn't necessary to get the results you want. Plus, we aren't going to put you on a treadmill and leave you. We focus on helping you learn how to use your body correctly and to its full potential.

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