Thai Therapeutic Stretching

Thai Therapeutic Stretching is an ancient holistic healing practice with its origins in India and Thailand. It incorporates yoga-like postures which include long, deep stretches, as well as pulling, and rocking techniques, in addition to nourishing joint movements of the shoulders, hips, knees and ankles. Thai Therapeutic Stretching resets the autonomic nervous system infusing a sense of well-being.

Thai Therapeutic Stretching is customizable for specific complaints and all techniques can be adapted for each person. The recipient wears loose comfortable clothing while the stretches are performed on a futon style mat on the floor.

Ed has been a skilled Thai Therapeutic Stretching Practitioner for 20 years. He completed his training in Thailand with a master teacher in 2004, as well as many hours of advanced training throughout South East Asia. Ed is also a licensed Physical Therapist.

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The Benefits of Thai Therapeutic Stretching?


Increases flexibility

Improves posture

Injury prevention

Stress relief

Increases blood flow

Reduced muscle tension

Improves sports performance

Helps with recovery after exercise

Enhanced joint mobility

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