Post-Op Physical Therapy Asheville

Physical therapy is often recommended after surgeries. It can enhance mobility, improve circulation, and reduce pain. It plays a huge role in expediting the healing process, by addressing joint mobility, range of motion, muscle function, and strength, as well as balance. Having a major surgery without physical therapy often results in longer recovery time, and can sometimes be detrimental to having a successful healing process.


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Common Post-Op Conditions We Treat

  • Joint replacements

  • Shoulder surgery (replacements, tears)

  • Knee surgery
    (replacements, tears)

  • Elbow surgery

  • Hip surgery

  • Ankle and foot surgery

  • Cervical and lumbar
    spine surgery

  • Ligament or tendon reconstructions or repairs

  • Fractures


How We Treat Shoulder Surgery Post-Op

After shoulder surgery, we will follow the protocols provided by your physician. For example, if you are curious about what to expect after a rotator cuff repair, we typically spend the first month focused on regaining your mobility. In the second month, we work on active mobility and will teach you how to properly move your arm. During the third month, we typically focus on helping you regain strength and prepare you to return to activities safely. From there, we ensure you are safe to enjoy your life again. Our therapists will work closely with you to minimize discomfort and to individualize your treatment for your needs.


How We Treat Knee Surgery Post-Op

What to expect after knee surgery will vary depending on the type of surgery you have. Some knee surgeries have specific protocols that we follow, while others allow us a lot more flexibility in individualizing your treatment to the activities you would like to return to doing. However, most recovery times following knee surgery are between 8 and 12 weeks. We first work together to regain your mobility, then we perform a variety of exercises to regain strength and stability in your knee. Once you have mobility and start to regain strength, we focus on your return to the activities you love most. At Physio Physical Therapy, your therapist will work closely with you to minimize discomfort and individualize your treatment for your needs.


How We Treat Elbow Surgery Post-Op

Following elbow surgery, we will help you work on your mobility while following the restrictions given by your surgeon. Once you regain full mobility, we focus on ensuring your muscles are firing properly and working how they are designed to. In certain cases, we may utilize soft tissue mobilization or other hands-on techniques to assist with the process. When appropriate, strength training exercises begin, and we will safely progress you so that you can safely return to the activities you love.


How We Treat Hip Surgery Post-Op

Following hip surgery, your physical therapist will meet with you, assess how well you are walking and see where your deficits are at. Depending on the type of surgery, we will work on regaining the mobility in your hip so you have full range of motion, and then we will work to help you regain strength. Once you have a base level of strength, we will test your function in your hip so that you may safely return to all the activities you enjoy.

Meet some of our specialists

Amanda Roach
Lead Physical Therapist;

Asheville native Amanda helps her clients live their best life, by not only getting them back to 100% but also giving them the tools to maintain that healthy lifestyle. She believes that a smile and physical activity can turn even the worst day into the best!

Amanda enjoyes spending time wiht her family, and friends, going to church, working out, and being a tourist in her hometown.

Rachel Suggs
Physical Therapy Assistant;
PTA, Astym Certified

Rachel loves being able to join in on her client's journey to become more independent and pain free.

Away from Physio, she enjoys good music, travel, hiking with her two dogs Ranger and Fynn, and spending time with her partner, Logan, and her family.

Physical Therapist; PT, DPT, Dry Needling Cert.

Jared's first goal for his patients is to achieve maximum function. He likes to incorporate Instrument Assisted techniques, hands-on Manual Therapy and Trigger Point Dry Needling in his practice. He most enjoys working with orthopedic conditions, but also revels in the opportunity to help patients with dizziness due to vestibular disorders.

When he’s not in the clinic, you can catch him running, spending time with friends and family, riding his motorcycle or hiking and camping in the surrounding forests.

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Physical therapy is more than just exercises. Good physical therapy should not only get you out of pain, but also give you a plan to succeed in the future.


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