12 Ways to Treat Your Plantar Fasciitis Pain at Home

By Christopher Taylor, PT / October 6, 2021

You wake up and, stretching, begin to roll out of bed when the pain in your heel hits you.  If you’re someone who struggles with plantar fasciitis, that’s more than likely an experience you’ve had in the morning. Or maybe the sharp, stabbing pain in your heel kicks in after…

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Next Level PT Partnership Announcement for Exoskeleton Access

By Christopher Taylor, PT / October 6, 2021

PHYSIO is excited to announce our partnership with Next Level Rehab Asheville, a mobile physical therapy and wellness company in Asheville that uses a robotic exoskeleton to improve their clients’ personal mobility and quality of life. Until now, this type of high-tech equipment has lived almost exclusively inside of a…

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7 Things You May Not Know About Physical Therapy

By Christopher Taylor, PT / September 22, 2021

From injuries, to surgery recovery, to common ailments, physical therapists can make a huge difference in a person’s quality of life. What is a Physical Therapist?  If you’ve had an injury or have just undergone surgery, your doctor will probably refer you to a physical therapy practice — to help…

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4 Easy Stretches for Tension Headache Relief

By Tabitha McDonald / September 8, 2021

Ever had a persistent headache that broke your focus and productivity?  Not only can headaches be extremely disruptive, but they’re also uncomfortable and painful. If you experience this kind of pain chronically, you know it can make daily life especially challenging.  The good news? Instead of having to rely on…

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5 Reasons Strength Training Is Key for Active Aging (And How to Try It)

By Tabitha McDonald / August 25, 2021

No matter your age, strength training is an effective way of caring for your body. But as we get older, it becomes even more essential.  Over time, our bodies’ lean muscle mass naturally diminishes, a process that begins for most folks as early as age 30. At that point, it’s…

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Physical therapy as a hobby? [Best of WNC]

By Emerson Talbott, DPT / April 29, 2021

There we are; the rapid is closing in. I can’t see anything but can only hear roaring water and what looks like a big drop-off on the water horizon. My partner and her friend encouraged me to go first, and so naturally, wanting to impress the ladies, I did…

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The McKenzie Method – What it is and how Emerson uses it to get to the root of your pain.

By Emerson Talbott, DPT / October 14, 2020

If you have ever seen me as a patient, you might know that I favor a style of treatment called the McKenzie method of diagnosis. Never heard of this method? Fret Not! I’ll explain.  It all started with a man named Robin McKenzie, who was initially a practitioner in New…

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Improve “quality of life” without medication: Conversations with the Providers

By Christopher Taylor, PT / September 30, 2020

The world we live in can be quick to offer medication as the first choice and “clear all” for many issues – from pain symptoms to depression and mental health, and even for diet-related conditions. What if there are other options? We want to explore what those other options are…

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Scar Release- How we use ASTYM and Physical Therapy to help release painful scars

By Rachel Suggs / August 31, 2020

Almost everyone has some sort of scar, whether it be from an injury, accident, or a silly mishap. Did you know that for those greater injuries or after surgery, the body can also scar internally?

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How is ‘Direct Primary Care’ disrupting the healthcare system?

By Christopher Taylor, PT / July 6, 2020

‘Concierge’ medicine is not a new thing in the healthcare world. But, the premium experience of concierge medicine being applied to the primary care model has only recently become accessible to a wider audience as direct primary care.

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