4 Easy Stretches for Tension Headache Relief

By Tabitha McDonald / September 8, 2021

Ever had a persistent headache that broke your focus and productivity?  Not only can headaches be extremely disruptive, but they’re also uncomfortable and painful. If you experience this kind of pain chronically, you know it can make daily life especially challenging.  The good news? Instead of having to rely on…

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5 Reasons Strength Training Is Key for Active Aging (And How to Try It)

By Tabitha McDonald / August 25, 2021

No matter your age, strength training is an effective way of caring for your body. But as we get older, it becomes even more essential.  Over time, our bodies’ lean muscle mass naturally diminishes, a process that begins for most folks as early as age 30. At that point, it’s…

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Physical therapy as a hobby? [Best of WNC]

By Emerson Talbott, DPT / April 29, 2021

There we are; the rapid is closing in. I can’t see anything but can only hear roaring water and what looks like a big drop-off on the water horizon. My partner and her friend encouraged me to go first, and so naturally, wanting to impress the ladies, I did…

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