Dry Needling Asheville

Dry Needling is a great way to release trigger points that are restricting mobility, decreasing strength and causing pain


Asheville Dry Needling Benefits

  • Loosen stiff muscles

  • Ease joint pain

  • Optimize sports performance

  • Improve blood flow and oxygen circulation within
    the blood

  • Speed recovery from an injury

  • Release trigger points

  • Increase range of motion

  • Promote the body's own healing mechanisms

Dry Needling with Physio Physical Therapy and Wellness

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    How does it work?

    Dry needling is a safe, effective treatment involving needles that are the same as those used in acupuncture. However, dry needling differs from acupuncture in most other ways. A practitioner inserts a needle along a client's trigger points - the tight bands of tissue within a muscle - to promote the body's own healing mechanisms.

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    What results will I see?

    Dry needling can loosen stiff muscles, increase range of motion, ease joint point, improve blood flow and oxygen circulation within the body. Trigger points cause tightness in the muscles that block blood flow and oxygen; dry needling removes
    that block.

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    Why act now?

    Dry needling is just one tool that physical therapists can use to address myofascial pain and muscle tightness. Making dry needling a part of a physical therapy plan can help you reach your goals for pain relief, prevention, performance optimization and injury recovery.

Physio Team Members Certified in Dry Needling


Amanda Roach, DPT


Jared Dapkevich, DPT

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