Achilles Tendon Rupture

The Achilles tendon is a strong fibrous tissue connected to the gastrocnemius muscle in the back of the lower leg.  It connects to the calcaneous bone of the foot, at the heel.  The muscle is important in running, jumping and cutting activities as well as achilles_tendon_rupturesimply when walking.

In an Achilles tendon rupture, the fibrous tissue is torn, typically from an overstretching or fast movement with the lower extremities.  A loud popping sound may be heard, as well as severe pain in the posterior aspect of the lower leg.  Swelling may also be present.

Inability to push off toes during walking
Inability to push up onto the toes
Men are more likely to have a complete rupture than women, and using steroid injections or antibiotics also increases your risk.


Treatment typically consists of surgery if a complete tear occurs.  Occasionally a boot with a wedged heel may be utilized to



promote healing, but re-injury is more likely if surgery is not performed.
Rehabilitation is vital and will consist of stretching the calf muscle gently to prevent a contracture, with strengthening of the lower leg and ankles.

At PHYSIO Physical Therapy and Wellness, we treat patients that have undergone an achilles tendon repair in the Asheville area and we have a special program!  Christopher Taylor, MPT, owner and Physical Therapist at PHYSIO, has not only successfully treated many people who have suffered an Achilles Rupture but has also been through the rehab program himself.  He ruptured his Achilles not once, but twice within a year and has successfully rehabilitated his own Achilles injury.

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Christopher Taylor, PT

Chris Taylor is the Founding Physical Therapist at PHYSIO Physical Therapy and Wellness Asheville. He has been voted Best Physical Therapist in Western North Carolina every year by the Mountain XPress Reader Poll. His experience includes being a patient himself which deepens his understanding of each aspect of the rehab process. He has lived and worked in 11 states which contributes to the treatment style he has developed which breaks the mold. Become a better You today! #KeepAshevilleActive