Dry Needling Q&A

By Christopher Taylor, PT / August 23, 2015

Common Questions about Dry Needling Answered: Q: How many needles are you going to use? A: Depends on the area to be needled and how you feel about needles; as little as two needles to as many as 10. For problems such as sciatica more needles are used in order…

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How does Dry Needling Work?

By Christopher Taylor, PT / August 19, 2015

In the last blog post, we described what Dry Needling is and who it could be for. This week we are going to discuss how Dry Needling works. Dry Needling can stimulate the healing process by improving blood flow, nerve conduction, and/or structure of the tissue around the injured area…

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What is Dry Needling?

By Christopher Taylor, PT / August 17, 2015

Dry Needling has gained more popularity due to adoption by everyone from runners with injuries to the NFL for its pain relief, hastened recovery, improvements in functional movement. The question remains – What is Dry Needling? Dry Needling completely different from acupuncture. Instead of putting needles in Chi points or along meridian lines, like Eastern based…

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Introducing Mandy Martin, Physical Therapist to the Physio Team

By Christopher Taylor, PT / June 19, 2015

Mandy Martin, DPT Physical Therapist Please welcome our newest addition to the team, Amanda Martin, Physical Therapist. Mandy joins the Physio Team with tons of amazing experience with tendon, joint and nerve pain. She loves working with her hands and getting her clients amazing results quickly. Some of her special interests include Dry Needling,…

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