Anyone that has ever experienced a migraine headache knows they can be debilitating. One of the leading causes of missed work in the U.S. is from migraine headaches. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light. In many people, a throbbing pain is felt only on one side of the head.

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Some people who get migraines have warning symptoms, called an aura, before the actual migraine headache begins. An aura is a group of symptoms, including vision disturbances, that are a warning sign that a bad headache is coming.

When most people have a migraine headache they reach for the pill bottle; Excendrin, Aleve, or Advil. Or they might have a prescription from their primary care doctor or neurologist for Fiorinal, Topamax, Imitrex to name a few. Some people reach out to their chiropractor, acupuncturist and/or massage therapist. Not too many people think of a physical therapist to help them and understandably so. Most people, when asked, think PT and think exercise. If you have ever had a migraine headache the last thing you want to do is exercise. In my practice at PHYSIO Physical Therapy & Wellness I have developed a breakthrough natural treatment for migraine headaches.

The protocol that I have developed entails the following;

1. Identifying the ultimate root cause  of the headache, once I have done this I can usually make a large reduction on the headache in the first visit, if not eliminate it completely.

2. I do not use any pills, and injections and surgery are not necessary. I simply use my hands to lower the bodies nervous system and balance out the body’s energy.

3. I realign the spine gently using SAFE mobilizations (NEVER MANIPULATING the neck, as it can cause harm)

At PHYSIO Physical Therapy & Wellness Asheville, we utilize techniques that can speed up the body’s response to this treatment method. If you or someone you know suffers from migraine headaches please know there is no reason to suffer any longer.


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