Spinal Manipulation for Neck Pain is a common and very successful treatment for pain and headaches.  In fact, The Journal of Sports and Orthopaedic Physical Therapy recently published an article regarding spinal manipulations and neck pain.  First off, what is a spinal manipulation?  A manipulation is the same as an adjustment in which a high velocity and low amplitude force is applied to the spine often resulting in an audible “pop”.  The article found that manipulations directed toward the mid back are very effective in reducing neck pain.  In fact the patients who received a upper back manipulation had less pain, improved motion and had better function.   What’s even better is that the improvements lasted for up to 6 months after a 3 week program.

The exciting thing to us is that a thoracic (mid or upper back) manipulation is very easy to perform and patients tolerate very adjustmentwell.  Often patients are fearful about getting their neck adjusted.  So, a thoracic manipulation offers a great and non-invasive alternative.  This is a great treatment for acute neck pain after an accident or chronic neck pain.  Additionally, thoracic manipulations are helpful with mid back pain, shortness of breath, or rib pain.  My experience in the clinic is that patients often experience near immediate relieve from a manipulation.  These improvements can last for extended periods.

A common misconception is that only chiropractors are able to do manipulations.  Physical therapists often receive education about spinal manipulation techniques as well as indications for when to perform manipulations.  In fact, North Carolina has ruled that it is legal for PT’s to perform manipulations.  Not all of our patients receive manipulations.  However, when it is indicated we will perform manipulations and our patients love it.

If you are experiencing neck or upper back pain physical therapy is a great way to decrease your pain.  Spinal manipulations are a great tool to manage your pain.  If you are interested in decreasing your spine pain contact us at Physio Physical Therapy.

Christopher Taylor, PT

Chris Taylor is the Founding Physical Therapist at PHYSIO Physical Therapy and Wellness Asheville. He has been voted Best Physical Therapist in Western North Carolina every year by the Mountain XPress Reader Poll. His experience includes being a patient himself which deepens his understanding of each aspect of the rehab process. He has lived and worked in 11 states which contributes to the treatment style he has developed which breaks the mold. Become a better You today! #KeepAshevilleActive