I want to leap up, do a little jig, jump up and down, and shout from the rooftops. I’ve been waiting for this since the day summer ended and the air got a chill. However, with this excitement and warm weather comes the inevitable spring fever — not necessarily a bad thing until it comes to getting your mind wrapped around going to get your workout in. 

Who wants to spend even an extra hour inside, when the sunshine begs you to come outside and play? Not this girl! Just like my kids, I’m pretty much stir crazy and OVER the winter! I want to be outside enjoying every bit of Vitamin D the spring offers, and also get the kids outdoors to savor the sunshine (or use up their energy so they’ll go to bed earlier).

So as your resident mom/personal trainer/sunshine lover, I’m going to share with you a fun and challenging park workout you can do while outside with the kids.

Take it to the park!

Here’s a fun circuit you can do while the kids play – grab a jump rope (here’s a pretty good starter rope at a decent price) and a set of dumbbells (I like a set that you can add or subtract weight, so you can progress without buying weights every few weeks, like these), and head to the nearest park bench!

Here’s a video of basic jump rope techniques that I made with Morgan to get you started safely and make your park workout effective!

Warm up:

  1. Jumping Jacks x 30

    Channel your inner child and get excited! Arms up, legs spread (like a star), arms down, legs together!

Jumping Jacks

2. Air Squats x 20 (no weights)

Starting from a standing position, spread your legs about hip width apart. Place your arms straight out in front of you, like a zombie. Keeping a nice proud chest, sit your booty back and down as if you’re aiming for a chair.

Air Squats

Sit as low as is comfortable without losing balance, make sure your heels maintain contact with the ground the whole time, and try to keep your knees from buckling inward!

3. Plank Walk Outs x 10

Hinging forward at the hips, walk your hands out on the ground in front of you until you get into a plank position. Without letting your hips sag, walk your hands back towards your feet and use your core to return to standing.

Plank Walk Outs

4. Bench Push-Ups x 5

Place your hands just wider than shoulder width apart on the edge of the bench seat and walk your feet back so that you are in a modified plank position. Maintaining a tight core (squeeze belly and booty at the same time!), bend your elbows, only letting them flare out to about 45 degrees. Bring your body as close to the bench as possible, and return to starting.

Bench Push-Ups


  1. Weighted Bench Step-ups x 10 per leg

    hold a dumbbell in each arm at your sides. Maintaining a “proud” chest, step one foot up onto the bench, followed by the other. Step down slowly and controlled with the trail leg, followed by the lead leg and repeat until you get ten step ups on the first leg. Then repeat with the other leg leading.

Weighted Bench Step-ups

   2. Single Jumps x 50

Single Jumps

3. Front Rack Squats x 50

Repeat the air squat in the warm-up, EXCEPT this time take two dumbbells, place them just at the tops of your shoulders, keeping the elbows down. Use a weight that you can handle without being pulled forward. It’s not necessary for your bottom to be any lower than just below parallel.

Front Rack Squats

4. Single Jumps x 50 (repeat Step 2!)

5. Single Arm Rows x 10 (each arm)

Hinge forward at the waist, and maintaining a flat back, grasp the bench with one arm. Holding a dumbbell in the other, start with arm fully extended toward the ground, but not overly extended. Slide your elbow up over your ribs toward the sky until it is further than a 90 degree angle. Really focus on using the rear shoulder muscles to perform the pull.

 Single Arm Rows

6. Single Jumps x 50 (again!)

7. Seated Shoulder Press x 10

Begin by sitting on the bench with your core engaged and shoulder blades down and back.  Raise the dumbbells until your elbows and shoulders are in line, then push both dumbbells straight above the head.  Return to starting position, but bring your elbows down to your full range of motion, and repeat.

Seated Shoulder Press

Perform all exercises in the “Workout” section 2-3 times.


Have fun! Take a walk with the kids, go swing, use the slide, shoot some hoops! Stretch out all your muscles, and feel great the rest of the day!

And if you want to throw in some ab work after your time in the park – look no further!

Tabitha McDonald