Physical Therapy is a commonly overlooked option for Low Back Pain Treatment.  It has also been found to be one of the more effective options to relieving pain and helping people returning to their normal lives.  The rates of low back pain is our country are absolutely mind-blowing.  A few of the more impressive statistics about low back pain include:

low back pain treatment

low back pain treatment

1:  25% of the population has experienced low back pain within the last 3 months

2:  75% of us will experience spine pain at some point in their life

3:  Several treatment options including surgery and medication use has been shown to have questionable improvement in disability levels

Often, patients’ symptoms are treated while never getting to the root cause of the problem.  Often strength, flexibility or our movement patterns are leading the back pain.  If we only treat the painful symptoms and never address the underlying issues, we are doomed to have the symptoms return.  In fact, one of the leading predictors of low back pain is previous episodes of pain.  This is an indictment of medical model.  If we are fixing people’s problems, than they wouldn’t be returning at such high rates. I meet people that try all types products, ointments and therapies in an attempt to get rid of their sore backs (see link).  These products exist because we are not fixing patient’s low back pain but simply removing their symptoms.

Two of the leading problems with low back pain is tightness in patient’s hips as well as poor stabilizing muscles in the lumbar spine.  So stretching the hips as well as strengthening your mid-section will be beneficial in managing your chronic low back pain.  Also stretching and strengthening will address the mechanisms that lead to your bout of acute low back pain.

A couple of useful exercises for low back pain treatment (Which your physical therapist can show you how to perform):

Lunging stretch

Buttocks stretch

Abdominal setting

The great thing about a good physical therapy program is that it gets to the source of your low back pain rather than masking your pain.  The three exercises that I mentioned above are a great starting point for a program.  However, everyone has their own unique mechanisms that are creating their low back pain.  In order to address your individual low back pain, you need a personalized home exercise program.  At PHYSIO Physical Therapy and Wellness in Asheville, NC we regularly evaluate patients’ low back and prescribe personalized home exercise programs.  If you are interested in getting to the source of your pain and receiving relief through low back pain treatment, give us a call at (828) 348-1780 or

Christopher Taylor, MPT, is a Licensed Physical Therapist with PHYSIO Physical Therapy and Wellness in Asheville that specializes in low back pain treatment.
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